About Motorhome Freedom

MotorhomeFreedom.com is a website that is designed to generate business for the Cambridgeshire based motorhome hire company Motorholme. The prices you get for a motorhome hire quote will be exactly the same as if you requested a quote through this web site, so no worries there.

MotorhomeFreedom.com works very closely with Unbeatable Hire too, however Unbeatable tends to focus on the main motorhome hire depots whereas Motorhome Freedom is more about the huge number of motorhomes that form the UK’s largest private motorhome hire network. Motorhome Freedom have literally thousands of successful hires under their belt. With this much experience there is no situation that can’t be handled – we’ve seen it all!

In addition to motorhome hire there are some other aspects of the business which may interest you too. For example, very frequently individuals who appreciate a motorhome holiday move onto have another motorhome holiday, going more daring, perhaps driving over to Europe and truly experiencing the real independence of a motorhome. Very frequently these kind of clients dream of owning their own motorhome, but cannot workout how to create this unaffordable dream and turn it into reality. For nearly zero expense we could make ‘would be’ motorhome owners conscious of how simple it’s to possess a motorhome and even to setup a motorhome hire company, with one, two, three or more motorhomes.

We run a plan where you can by a discounted motorhome and put in their ‘buy to let motorhomes’ plan. We suggest that 1 days rental usually pays for 1 months finance, therefore then you are often addressing your payments and enjoying motorhoming for free if it can be rented by you away for 12 weeks per year.

You will find other choices also. With having so many rent vehicles, we have use of the UKs biggest assortment of ex rental motorhomes for purchase also. An ex rental motorhome makes lots of sense. You may be certain have been frequently preserved, kept clear and any issues that could have happened will have been fixed, even though they’ll often have a bigger mileage on the time than their independently owned equivalent.

For those that want to love free motorhome hire annually as well as want to invest a amount of cash, risk free, the motorhome commit plan is going to function as the one for them.

However for many of us the thought is to obtain you seriously to the entire motorhome lifestyle and to appreciate the independence that you may encounter with this kind of holiday.

Phone 0800 612 8719 to discuss these incredible options.