Ex Rental Motorhomes and Campervans For Sale

Ex Rental Motorhomes

Grab yourself a bargain with an ex rental motorhome

With having such a large rental fleet, the older vehicles will come onto the market quite often. This is when you can get a real bargain, sure these ex-rental motorhomes will have covered more miles than a privately owned equivalent, but they will have been maintained, looked after and any faults they may have developed will have been rectified.

With a motorhome hire network as large as ours it comes as no surprise that we often have second-hand motorhomes for sale. If you have been looking at the used motorhome market, on eBay or in the classified adverts, you might have noticed that even models that are ten years old still command quite high prices. You really can’t compare a motorhome with a car when you are looking at second-hand prices, for example the mileage with a motorhome will always be much less. So even a 10-year-old motorhome might only have 20,000 miles on the clock, whereas the equivalent car could easily be pushing more than 100,000 miles. An old motorhome can still be a good buy because they have generally been looked after and cared for. For this reason it is very hard to find a decent model at a low price in the second-hand market, but would you consider an ex-rental motorhome?

It is fair to say that an ex-rental motorhome will generally have a higher mileage on the clock than a privately owned motorhome, but besides this there are advantages. A motorhome that has been part of a motorhome business hire fleet will have been regularly maintained and serviced. Similarly anything that has ever gone wrong with the vehicle will have been repaired in a correct and proper fashion, this is because faults always get reported by hirers and are rectified straight away.

We don’t keep a huge stock of ex-rental motorhomes for sale, because they sell quickly, but they do come on to the market quite regularly. For this reason we ask that you provide us with a few details of the kind of vehicle you are looking for and what your requirements are, so that as the vehicles become available you will know about them before anybody else and have an opportunity to buy the motorhome with a huge discount.