Festival Motorhomes & Campervans

Festivals, in particular music festivals, are events where you will find a lot of motorhomes and campervans. Maybe you are looking for something more secure than tent or maybe you just want to enjoy a festival and be as comfortable as possible. Whatever your reasons for taking a motorhome to festival, we have got you covered. We work with motorhome hire companies who are more than happy for you to take a motorhome to a festival.

Although many die-hard festival goers will tell you that you can only properly experience a festival if you stay in a tent, you don\’t have to! A motorhome at a festival is an amazing asset, just think your own toilet, fridge and the most comfortable beds on the site!

As well as all the major festivals such Glastonbury, Reading, T in the Park and Camp Bestival, there are tons of really excellent smaller ones tha can be just as much fun. Here we will try to keep you posted about a lot of them.

Glastonbury Registration for the 2020 Festival

Glastonbury Registration for the 2020 Festival thumbnail

If you are planning on going to Glastonbury Festival in 2020 you need to get your skates on and register as soon as possible. This isn’t the Glastonbury Festival ticket sales, it’s just the registration and it is free. All you need is a photograph of yourself on a plain background and you just upload [...]

Hire a motorhome for Glastonbury Festival

Hire a motorhome for Glastonbury Festival thumbnail

The Iconic Pyramid Stage We actually had our first 2017 Glastonbury motorhome rental enquiry on our old site back in July 2016. The lady in question had just got back from Glastonbury and had had an amazing time and was ready to do it all over again, but this time in a motorhome! If you [...]

How to get Glastonbury Tickets

How to get Glastonbury Tickets thumbnail

Remember you can reserve a motorhome hire NOW with a £99 deposit and if you don’t manage to get a ticket your deposit is refunded in full. There was some great information on the Telegraph Website last week about this. But here is our take on it: 1) Register, register, register Ooops too late: we [...]

Glastonbury Festival Site

Glastonbury Festival Site thumbnail

My nephew was at Worthy Farm, Pilton yesterday. Worthy Farm is the actual site of Glastonbury Festival, or to give it’s proper name ‘Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts’. Most likely all the photos you will have seen of the farm will have been while the festival was in full swing, so it’s quite eerie [...]

Camp Bestival Campervan Tickets

Camp Bestival Campervan Tickets thumbnail

If you are going to Camp Bestival this weekend, I’m jealous! Due to work and family commitments, this isn’t a festival I can go to this year as much as I would love to. So for those who are going with a campervan, please note that Camp Bestival campervan tickets have now sold out. Here [...]