Camp Bestival Campervan Tickets

Camp Bestival Campervan TicketsIf you are going to Camp Bestival this weekend, I’m jealous! Due to work and family commitments, this isn’t a festival I can go to this year as much as I would love to. So for those who are going with a campervan, please note that Camp Bestival campervan tickets have now sold out.

Here some notes about Camp Bestival and campervans:

Your Campervan must be specially adapted for people to stay in. Obviously any motorhome rental from this site will be perfectly OK, what is not acceptable is things like transit vans with a mattress in the back or 4x4s with the seats folded down. This is to keep the campervan area for campervans. For the same reason, cars will not be allowed into the campervan area at any time. This of course means that caravans and trailer tents won’t be able to get in there either.

If you have your Camp Bestival campervan ticket already, you are all set. You will be allowed 9 x 6 meters of space per campervan pitch to use for your campervan, awning and/or to accomodate a few of your friend’s tents. Please note that there will be no electricity or water hook ups provided. As I’m not going to be there myself, if anyone can post any comments, photos or videos on our Motorhome Adventures Facebook page I’d be extremely grateful, but very jealous!