Hire a motorhome for Glastonbury Festival

The Iconic Pyramid Stage

We actually had our first 2017 Glastonbury motorhome rental enquiry on our old site back in July 2016. The lady in question had just got back from Glastonbury and had had an amazing time and was ready to do it all over again, but this time in a motorhome!

If you would like to have a bit of motorhome luxury rather than stay in a tent you can reserve your hire right now. All you do is pay a small deposit when you book your motorhome or campervan hire and if you are unlucky and don’t manage to get your festival tickets, we will refund your hire deposit in full, so no loss there.

If you are planning to take a motorhome of any sort or a caravan  to Glastonbury festival, whether it’s one you own or a motorhome you are going to hire one, you must buy a campervan/caravan pass in advance to park on the designated part of the site. You need to be aware that Glastonbury campervan/caravan passes sell out weeks, even months, before the festival so to avoid disappointment you should order your  pass when you book your Glastonbury weekend ticket(s). To be eligible to camp in the campervan/caravan area you must obviously hold a festival ticket for the whole weekend.

The campervan/caravan area is the only place on the Glastonbury site where festival goers can sleep in their vehicles, ordinary cars must be parked outside the perimeter fence.  Please note it is not sufficient to sling a mattress in the back of any old small van; only campervans or caravans with fitted sleeping arrangements and either proper cooking or washing facilities are allowed in the campervan/caravan area.

Using a motorhome or campervan at Glastonbury gives you a completely different experience than using a tent. Some diehard festival goers may tell you that you are not doing Glastonbury Festival properly unless you are in a tent, but really? Let them think that while you go to sleep comfortably in your motorhome. Please do enquiry early as this is one of the busiest periods of the year for motorhome hire.

More information about this can be found on Glastonbury Festivals web site. Call us to book your hire any time, day or night – or use the online motorhome hire quote form.