Motorhome Hire Midlands

The Midlands EnglandThe Midlands covers a very large area and is very popular with people wishing to hire motorhomes. Currently we have a very large selection of motorhome hire vehicles in these counties, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, West Midlands and Oxfordshire. The county of Hereford and Worcester that was created in 1974 and abolished in 1998 is now covered by Herefordshire and Worcestershire seperately.

Chausson Flash 25

Chausson Flash 25 thumbnail

Get a hire quote for Chausson Flash 25 The Chausson Flash 25 is the largest Chausson overcab vehicle in our motorhome hire fleet. It is suitable for larger families and also ideal for corporate events. Six people can travel in a Chausson Flash 25 and there are in fact seven berths. The Chausson Flash 25 [...]

Chausson Flash 02 – 3 Berth Motorhome

Chausson Flash 02  – 3 Berth Motorhome thumbnail

Get a hire quote for Chausson Flash 02 Buy an Ex Rental Chausson Flash 02 The Chausson Flash 02 is the smallest vehicle in the Chausson range. It is the perfect motorhome for two adults, or perhaps a couple with a baby or young child. The new Chausson Flash 02 models have been cleverly designed on [...]

Hymer C682

Hymer C682 thumbnail

The Hymer C682 is a stunning 7 berth coachbuilt motorhome suitable for larger families or groups of friends sharing. It is an ideal luxury vehicle for travel in the UK or abroad. The Hymer C682 has a powerful 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine and uses the Ford Transit commercial van cab. Power assisted steering makes [...]

Mooveo C707 7 Berth Motorhome: available for hire in England and Wales

Mooveo C707 7 Berth Motorhome: available for hire in England and Wales thumbnail

The Mooveo C707 is a top of the range motorhome with 7 berths. It would suit a medium to large family group or several friends sharing. This large motorhome (7.1 metres long) can however be driven on a normal full driving licence. The economical 2.3 litre turbo diesel Ford Transit engine and power assisted steering [...]

Mooveo C7

Mooveo C7 thumbnail

This motorhome is ideal for travelling with a large family, a group of friends, or even with work colleagues. The technical specification of the Mooveo C7 describes it as a 7 berth vehicle with six belted seats. Sleeping accommodation is provided by a good size double bed in the overcab area, adult-size bunk beds on [...]

Bessacarr 435

Bessacarr 435 thumbnail

The Bessacarr E435 is a 5 berth motorhome suitable for a family or a group of friends sharing. It would be an ideal choice for a week or two weeks holiday in the UK or abroad. The E435 would also be a great vehicle to use at a weekend sporting event or a music festival. [...]

CI Carioca 656

CI Carioca 656 thumbnail

The CI Carioca 656 is based on a Fiat Ducato cab and chassis and driven by a 2.3 litre turbo diesel engine. Power assisted steering makes the 656 very easy to drive. Some models also have cruise control and reversing cameras to help you park. This 6 berth motorhome has an ideal layout for families [...]

Bessacarr E425

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The Bessacarr E400 series provides a great introduction to motorhome holidays. The vehicles are well-designed and easy to use. The Bessacarr E425 is a 4 berth motorhome, built on a Fiat Ducato base, which can be used by a small family or up to four adults sharing. The E425 could be a very sensible choice [...]

Mooveo P6

Mooveo P6 thumbnail

The Mooveo P6 is the smallest Mooveo motorhome in our fleet. Classed as a low-profile van conversion the cleverly designed Mooveo P6 is as easy to drive as a family car yet it has all the facilities a couple or small family needs for travelling and camping. The Mooveo P6 is built on a Fiat [...]

Bessacarr E720

Bessacarr E720 thumbnail

The Bessacarr E720 is a high quality 2 berth motorhome. It would be ideal for a couple or two friends sharing. This motorhome has power assisted steering, cruise control, and an efficient 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine. The E720 layout consists of the lounge area to the rear and a central utility area with the [...]