Motorhome Holidays

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Are you ready for your first motorhome holiday?

It comes as no surprise to learn that motorhome holidays are an increasingly popular option for people of all ages who wish to enjoy the freedom of a camping holiday but with the luxury of some home comforts too. People who are thinking about hiring a motorhome for the first time will be interested in the motorhome holiday tips listed here. All our vehicles are supplied with a user’s manual and an easy to understand DVD showing how a motorhome works, the water tanks, appliances and electrical system etc.

A motorhome or campervan is much more than a form of transport, they allow absolute freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can stay on campsites if you wish or you can ‘wild camp’ almost anywhere. A normal car driving licence is all that is required (except for a few of the largest vehicles) and all modern motorhomes are surprisingly easy to drive. A holiday in a motorhome is unlike any other holiday, here are some of the main advantages:

  • The total cost of a motorhome or campervan holiday is often much less than most other types of holidays
  • Freedom to go where you want, you can change the view from your window every day if you wish
  • No luggage restrictions, you can take as much you want – bikes, sports equipment, pushchairs, whatever you need
  • No airport delays – stay in the UK or take an inexpensive ferry to Europe
  • Take your dog: pet friendly motorhome rental is always available and pets love motorhomes
  • Cook and eat in your motorhome, when and where you like and cheaply too
  • A motorhome adventure starts the moment you leave home
  • Children love motorhomes!

It is very important to hire your motorhome from a reputable company who ensure that regular maintenance and vehicle safety checks take place. Our company has its own fleet of Chausson and Mooveo motorhomes, based in depots near Cambridge, Bristol, Edinburgh and London Heathrow airport, but we also hire out privately owned motorhomes which are conveniently located in villages, towns and cities throughout Great Britain. The insurance package drawn up by our company protects the interest of all parties involved in the motorhome hire. If you are planning a holiday in the peak season it is very important to reserve your chosen vehicle as soon as possible.

Ashbourne Heights, Derbyshire

Ashbourne Heights, Derbyshire

Flexibility and freedom are the major advantages of a motorhome holiday. Touring around a particular area of the United Kingdom or visiting foreign countries becomes a pleasure when you have cooking, sleeping and washing facilities inside your vehicle. As the appliances in a parked motorhome can run from an electric hook-up or from the leisure battery and gas bottle, you have total freedom to stop when and where you like. Just make sure that you are not trespassing on private property or parked in an unsafe place. Many people however prefer the security of an established campsite where there are staff and other campers nearby. The Caravan Club and other similar associations publish reviews of campsites in the UK and abroad which will help you choose a site or sites suited to your taste. Remember to book early to avoid disappointment.

If you are planning a motorhome holiday in Europe you will need to declare your intention to take the vehicle overseas when you fill in the hire form. If you have not driven a large vehicle before, allow yourself time to adjust to the size of your motorhome and familiarize yourself with the controls before you start your main journey. Likewise if you are unaccustomed to driving on the “wrong” side of the road make the first leg of your journey a short one so that you can concentrate properly. Always take extra care after a stop for refuelling or a rest break, until you have overcome the urge to drive on the left! If travelling with children, make sure they understand the importance of staying seated and belted when travelling.

People who are planning motorhome holidays in Europe will need to cross the English Channel via the tunnel or by ferry. In busy periods you should book early online to guarantee your crossing. Both the DFDS and P&O ferry companies, who operate out of Dover, will allow you to make a booking before you know the registration of the vehicle you are hiring. It does help if you know the approximate vehicle length. You can then add the details by phone or email as soon as you collect your motorhome. It is never a good idea to turn up at a ferry port without pre-booking, it will cost you much more money to buy a ticket on the spot. Always have your passports, vehicle paperwork and tickets to hand when arriving at the port and do allow time for customs to inspect your vehicle if they wish. If you are bringing your pet abroad make sure you have all the correct paperwork.

European motorhome holidays can be great fun for all the family. With fast autoroutes and conveniently placed rest areas, travelling by motorhome in France is a pleasure. Do allow money in your budget for the tolls on the autoroutes, the quickest way is to pay by debit or credit card, rather than fumbling around for change. Or you can take it easy and explore your chosen European country by the smaller roads. Our up-to-date motorhomes have power assisted steering and cab air conditioning to make your journey more pleasant. It can be very hot in southern France and Spain during the summer months so you might like to ask for a pitch with some shade when you are booking a campsite. The joy of a motorhome holiday is that you can take many more useful things with you than if you are flying to your holiday destination, such as bicycles for all the family and other sports or leisure equipment.