Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Conclusion

Motorhome Holidays

What we learned from our motorhome holiday

Maddy & Harry with an iPad in the motorhome

Maddy & Harry with an iPad in the motorhome

You need to be pretty organised to get the most out of your hired motorhome. There are various practical tasks that need doing every time you drive away from a campsite (e.g. plugging in and out of the mains supply if you are connected, turning off the gas, checking that all the cupboards are locked before you drive off etc). It’s good if you can share these jobs out between you. Our nine year old daughter liked to take responsibility for the cupboards.

If you have the opportunity to do the routine maintenance, do it before you move on to your next destination. For example: empty the toilet cassette before you leave a campsite, fill up with fresh water if a tap is nearby and empty your grey water if you are parked over a grid.

If your hire vehicle doesn’t have SatNav make sure you have a good map book or print out your route(s) before setting off. Trying to look at the small screen on your phone and following map apps while driving is difficult.
If the second adult in your party has to sit with the children in the bench seats they will find it difficult to see road signs and place names; therefore they will be less useful as a navigator.

If you have children and intend to do a lot of driving around make sure that you have plenty to keep them occupied while travelling.

Hiring a motorhome allows you to be flexible with your arrangements when you are visiting people.
With your own fridge and cooking facilities on board if you have a change of plan you can put together a meal at any time of day or night.

Modern motorhomes are really well insulated and are easy to heat.

It is possible to have a decent warm shower in a motorhome (something we hadn’t tried before) but you need to be quick as the hot water tank isn’t huge. Both my husband and I used the shower – on separate occasions! If you are hiring for a week or more you may prefer to book on to a campsite with shower facilities to keep the whole family clean.
Think before you drive your rented motorhome on to a muddy campsite or field. Motorhomes are much heavier than cars and therefore more likely to get stuck in the mud. Park up on the road first and have a look at the terrain!

A couple of bits of old carpet are very useful for getting a motorhome out of a muddy situation if there isn’t a local farmer with a tractor handy.

Most of all it was great to spend so much time outdoors and have a warm dry place to come back to. We really made the most of the autumn half-term holiday, which can sometimes be a difficult time of year for entertaining the children. This motorhome holiday in the heart of England would work equally well in the spring or summer months too.

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