Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Day 13

Motorhome Holidays

Rural Essex to Bourn via Stansted Airport

Tidying up the Chausson Flash 03 on our last morning in rural Essex

Tidying up the Chausson Flash 03 on our last morning in rural Essex

All good things have to come to an end and we were very lucky that we could install the children in our friends’ house so that we could pack our bags, edit the piles of comics and colouring books and clean up the motorhome before returning it. We had been pretty disciplined about keeping the vehicle clean as we went along so there was just the hob, grill, fridge, cupboards, drawers and surfaces to wipe down and the bed linen to strip. We had hosed down the slightly muddy exterior the day before. I swept out the interior of the motorhome with the dust pan and brush.

The husband managed to locate a suitable chemical toilet emptying point a few miles down the road and everyone received strict instructions NOT to use the toilet again!

We left rural Essex and headed towards the Holiday Inn Express at Stansted Airport. It was much easier for my husband to drop myself and the children off at the hotel once our room was available rather than us all taking the motorhome back. The three of us were rather sad to see the Chausson Flash 03 driving off on the final part of its journey. The husband returned the motorhome to the hire company and was thanked for keeping it in such good condition. He got a lift to the nearest train station and rejoined us a couple of hours later.
All in all the holiday had been quite an adventure and I’m already looking forward to the next one! Our nine year old has always had a hankering to go to Loch Ness…

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