Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Day 2

Motorhome Holidays

Rural Essex, cooking facilities and the control panel

Our friend Harry joins us for a quick trip to Sudbury

Our friend Harry joins us for a quick trip to Sudbury and sensibly brings along his iPad for entertainment

We enjoyed our first breakfast in the motorhome and put the melamine crockery and various pots and pans to good use. The Flash 03 has a three ring gas hob and a traditional kettle (i.e. not a plug in electric kettle). There was plenty of water in the fresh water tank but we knew that we would have to top it up at campsites or service stations at regular intervals (especially if we used the shower). Our only gripe was the height of the so called eye-level grill which was obviously designed for use by a family of giraffes. I had to perch on the bunk bed ladder to use it!

There is a control panel inside the motorhome next to the habitation door where you switch on the water pump, the interior electric lights, check the water levels etc. This seems daunting at first but soon becomes second nature as you use the different features.

After a relaxing morning getting to know the motorhome we drove to Sudbury with two of our friends on board to stock up on magazines, comics and other essentials for the trip. My husband commented on how much easier the Chausson Flash 03, based on the Ford Transit engine and cab, was to drive than other large vehicles he had used. Our hire vehicle didn’t have reversing sensors so we parked it in the traditional way, i.e. the wife waving her arms around and shouting “Back a bit, still two feet to go…” I’m being ironic here of course. The roles could easily have been reversed.
We had dinner with our friends in The Green Man pub, Toppesfield, Essex, because it was “Specials Night”. Beef stew and dumplings or ham, egg and chips – £4 a head, highly recommended.

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