Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Day 4

Motorhome Holidays
Photo-shoot while Dad was in the shower! Gubblecote, Hertfordshire

Photo-shoot while Dad was in the shower! Gubblecote, Hertfordshire

Gubblecote to Wing and back again
The shower and heating system

We planned to drive to the village of Wing, on the Buckinghamshire-Bedfordshire border, for a big family reunion lunch with my parents, brothers and partners at The Cock Inn. Prior to this I decided that some of the family needed a shower before contact with civilization.
To use the shower, in its own handy cubicle, you need to switch on the water heating system choosing between electric if you are hooked up to a mains supply or gas if not. The rocker switches are located behind the front passenger seat. Select 70 degrees for a shower and 50 degrees for washing up. It took about 15 minutes for the water to heat up. You need to make sure that the water pump is switched on at the control panel. If you are fairly quick you can enjoy an adequate warm shower.
The Cock Inn is a delightful village pub with a great range of beers, wines and spirits and they serve lovely food. We found the staff to be genuinely warm and welcoming to everyone. Access to the pub car park was too narrow and low for the motorhome so we just parked elsewhere in the village.
Back in Gubblecote the weather did turn rather windy and wet later in the day and we knew that hurricane force winds had been predicted for the weekend. This was a good chance to try out the diesel heating system in the motorhome. We found the vehicle to be very well insulated and the blown air heating was very effective. The switch and temperature control for the heating is located behind the front passenger seat. We turned the heating up high first of all and then turned it down a bit once we went to bed. The heating system uses diesel from the vehicle’s fuel tank but not a significant amount. There are vents under the seating and cupboards.
Yes the wind and rain were noisy, but we were all exhausted and slept pretty well.

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