Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Day 5

Motorhome Holidays

Whipsnade Zoo and adventures with the chemical toilet

Rosie and Spike, Whipsnade Zoo

Rosie and Spike, Whipsnade Zoo

Generally speaking a Thetford chemical toilet will need to be emptied every two days with four people using it. We had not been using this facility continuously as we had been visiting people, going to pubs etc. Emptying the cassette toilet is not as ghastly a chore as you might think as the part containing the waste products is completely sealed when you remove it via the exterior side panel designed for that purpose.

Apparently once the red light next to the flush button is illuminated there should be enough space for five more “deposits”. We found out that it was best to empty the toilet as soon as the red light shows. Enough said. Do find a proper emptying point for the waste rather than an ordinary public toilet. The toilet chemical (10 ml to a cupful of water) works pretty well at breaking down the waste and toilet paper however.

We also needed to top up the fresh water tank. We found that the hose supplied for this purpose was pretty inadequate, very narrow and rather flat. It took about 30 minutes to fill up the fresh water tank at a petrol station.

Anyway, onwards to the zoo, always the perfect place for a family day out and a picnic lunch. Whipsnade Zoo is situated near Dunstable and is recognised worldwide as a conservation centre. The animals are housed in large enclosures and in suitable family groups where appropriate, as they would be in the wild. The children loved it. We met up with my brother, his partner and her daughter who took loads of lovely photos. It was very useful to have the motorhome nearby to brew up a cup of tea and enjoy a few snacks once we had finished the visit, rather than spending yet more money in the café.

Supper was beans on toast in the motorhome, before settling down for a cosy night in, despite quite strong winds and rain outside. By now it was Sunday night and we were the only unit left on the campsite. When we booked the holiday I had wondered whether camping on very basic sites or wild camping with children would feel OK, but we chose our locations carefully and with our own toilet facilities on board there was no need for any of us to go out of the motorhome again once we were settled for the night.

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