Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Day 9

Motorhome Holidays

Leominster to Hampton Court Castle. Spooky fun, mud and gas bottles

Devilish behaviour with Aunty Sue and Aunty Lin at Spooky Castle

Devilish behaviour with Aunty Sue and Aunty Lin at Spooky Castle

This was one part of the holiday that I had put a bit of effort into planning so that the children could enjoy a bit of Halloween fun without demanding to go “trick or treating” in an area where we didn’t know many people.

Hampton Court Castle, a stately home located between Leominster and Hereford, was offering spooky fun in the cellars and other attractions for the autumn half-term holiday. We planned to meet two sets of friends there and turned up just before lunch. The off-road parking was on some muddy grass and whereas this worked fine for cars we immediately got stuck in the mud. Doh! The husband wasn’t particularly happy but we knew that we had helpful friends with other vehicles turning up in a while.

We had invited a couple of friends to share a picnic lunch and a cup of tea in the motorhome before we visited the castle so that we didn’t have to spend loads of money in the café. I imagined myself as the perfect hostess calmly extolling the virtues of motorhoming while handing round hot steaming beverages. Unfortunately at this moment the gas in the gas bottle ran out. I had noticed earlier, when cooking the breakfast, that the gas was more difficult than usual to light and the children had moaned about a pungent smell. This generally means the gas is running low. So, there we were, stuck in the mud and no possibility of tea.
Anyway all these problems were in fact solved pretty quickly with the help of my friend’s husband who drove my husband to a nearby petrol station to get a new bottle of gas while we ate lunch and controlled the over-excited children. While we visited the castle gardens, got lost in the maze and took part in the Halloween activities, the husband enjoyed some “bloke time” with his friend using some old bits of carpet under the motorhome wheels to drive it out of the mud. As ever the gender roles could have been reversed but the husband was strangely elated with this outcome.

A family ticket for the grounds and spooky fun was £18, but the under-fives go free so we just paid as individuals, £6.95 for adults and £5.95 for youngsters between 5-17 years old.

One of my friends then invited us to come to Tenbury Wells for fish and chips and an overnight stay on her boyfriend’s driveway (gravel not mud!) This is where the Chausson Flash 03 really came in handy as there would have been very little room for four adults and four children in a ground floor maisonette. It really is like taking your own spare room and bathroom with you wherever you go.
Tenbury Wells fish and chips portions are huge, very tasty and come with a big sausage should you ever be in the area…

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