Family Holidays in a Motorhome – Introduction

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Chausson Flash 03 at Gubblecote

The Chausson Flash 03 at Gubblecote, near Tring

We hired a Chausson Flash 03 motorhome for a 12-day family holiday in the UK based around the autumn half-term holiday 2013. We planned to visit family and friends as far apart as Essex and Herefordshire. We have two very lively children, aged 9 and 4 years old. My husband and I are fairly experienced caravanners and had previously hired a motorhome for a short period once before, when our youngest child was only six weeks old.

We were keen to try out an up-to-date motorhome with all the modern conveniences and see just how self-sufficient we could be. Now that there are four of us we find it increasingly difficult to “bunk up” with friends and family who only have small houses, flats, bungalows etc. We have tried staying in hotels, but we find it inconvenient when we don’t have our own kitchen to prepare simple, cheap meals as and when required.

During the twelve days that we used the Chausson Flash 03 motorhome we really put it through its paces and we have a few handy tips to pass on to first time hirers, especially those who will be travelling with children. I would advise anybody hiring a motorhome for the first time to try it out for a weekend; this is a suitable amount of time to get used to driving the vehicle and using all of the interior features.

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