Motorhome Holidays in The Spring

Burstner A747-2

Burstner A747-2

It’s now one of my favourite times of the entire year now, Spring. The clocks went forward last night, this means lighter evenings, which I love. The words ‘British Summer Time’ makes me feel happy.

So picture this, you choose to check out a motorhome hire holiday for just a 7-day period away…You go and pick up something like this gorgeous Burstner A747-2 (pictured) and then you drive away to anywhere you wish that is attractive and arrive at about 6pm. You have got all the things you need together with you, so you are able to just get out the awning, have your outdoor table out and make a lovely dinner in your luxurious kitchen of your motorhome. Eating in the open air is definitely a wonderful thing to do, especially if you’ve got a perfectly chilled wineglass of Pinot Grigio in your hand and preferably, there is a beautiful setting sun.

If you actually do arrange to hire a motorhome, we cannot of course guarantee the weather, however the idea is wonderful isn’t it? You can certainly enhance the possibility of a comfortable summertime night by cruising off into The european union and heading for the South of Spain, the east coast of Italy or North Tuscany.

What I adore though is always that wherever you start your trip, your family trip gets started there. You notice instantly that you’re not limited to having overpriced autoroute service station lunches or making do with a couple of Tesco sandwiches, some crisps and a bottle of Coca Cola. Instead you’ll be able to pick a great area for a snack anywhere you want and have a relaxed lunch before you climb aboard and complete your trip for that day. The key is that when you are renting a motorhome, you do not have to be in a rush, take your time.