Hire a campervan

There are many reasons why someone might want to hire a campervan. The greatest advantage is that by hiring a vehicle of this sort you are able to organise your transport and accommodation requirements all in one go.

Our company is often approached by people who wish to hire a campervan for the weekend. Many people enjoy the chance to get out of the city in their leisure time to pursue hobbies such as walking, climbing, cycling or horse riding. Perhaps they wish to attend a sporting or cultural event which is taking place in the countryside, or visiting friends or family for a get together where extra accommodation is required. A campervan can be a great asset for these occasions since you can pack all the clothes, equipment and refreshments you need to make your weekend comfortable.

If you are adventurous and are planning a trip abroad you could hire a campervan in Europe. However there are many advantages to hiring a campervan in the United Kingdom and starting your road trip from as near to home as possible. Firstly you will be dealing with English-speaking representatives of our hire company, who will be on hand 24 hours a day by telephone to deal with any issues that might occur during the hire period. Secondly you can be satisfied that all the insurance paperwork has been properly undertaken and clearly explained. Furthermore you will be able to pay for your campervan hire in pounds sterling. For families with young children it is great to pack all the things you need for your road trip, including the bicycles and pushchairs, rather than having to deal with airports, luggage restrictions etc. The real bonus for many people is the fact that their holiday starts the minute they put the key into the ignition of their rented campervan.

Let’s have a look at a specific requirement, for example, a couple wishing to hire a campervan in Kent. They should firstly consult our website for information about the most suitable sized vehicle in our hire range. We will then be able to tell them where the nearest collection point is for their chosen campervan. Our company has collection points in major towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom, as well as larger depots near to the major airports.

Some of our customers choose to hire a campervan because in fact they are looking to buy a campervan and wish to try out different sizes, models and interior layouts of vehicles. This is a really sensible idea because everybody has different requirements depending on their age, family size, hobbies, how much they will use the vehicle and where they will store it. Some people prefer coach-built campervans which use the cab and chassis from a major van manufacturer with a campervan body added on whereas others prefer the A-Class models, which are purpose-built campervans and have no separate cab area.

Great Britain is an island with a great deal of history and many wonderful tourist attractions. Each year thousands of holidaymakers arrive in the country via one of its major airports and then choose to hire a car, when they probably should consider hiring a campervan instead. A campervan allows complete flexibility in your travel and accommodation arrangements. It is ideal if you want to see a lot of different places in a short space of time. One can also save a great deal of money by preparing meals and drinks in the campervan, as service station food and restaurant bills soon mount up.

A number of people will have fond memories of childhood holidays where their parents chose to hire a caravan and the whole family enjoyed the outdoors camaraderie of campsite life. A campervan holiday is just like this but better, because a campervan is a much more compact multi-purpose vehicle with a garage to store all the toys and accessories needed to make a memorable holiday. From the driver’s point of view a campervan is easier to manoeuvre than a car and caravan. Not everybody owns a suitable car for towing a caravan and a certain level of experience and patience is required to tow a vehicle of this size on motorways. Also some of the smaller roads found in older, quainter villages in the United Kingdom and abroad present difficulties to drivers who are towing caravans. Modern campervans have power steering which makes them as easy to drive and park as the family car. Domestic arrangements in a campervan are excellent with easy to use cooking facilities, full-sized fridges, and plenty of storage space. The advantages of having your own water tank and facility to heat water for showers, plus a toilet on board, speak for themselves.

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