Private Motorhome Hire

Please Note: Although private motorhome hire may seem better value then using a specialised motorhome hire company, there are risks. This page is for your information only. We would recommend getting a hire quote from one of our partners and comparing the insurance, breakdown cover, age of vehicle, type of vehicle, ease of collection, technical support and other factors before going down the private motorhome hire route.
Private Motorhome Hire

Steve Moss with Karen who hires her motorhome out privately

During the last decade private motorhome hire has become a popular solution for many people wishing to tour around the United Kingdom or Europe. It is a very economical and efficient way of visiting a number of different towns, cities, rural regions or coastal areas all in one holiday. If you hire a motorhome you have your vehicle and your bed all in one, offering complete flexibility throughout your itinerary. Or, if you prefer to take it easy, you can simply drive your rented vehicle to a campsite of your choice and relax, knowing that you have all the comforts of a home from home. To rent from a private owner you usually need to be at least 21 years old and be the holder of a full UK car licence, or equivalent driving licence from your country of residence.

You can choose the most suitable vehicle for your requirements from a wide range of private motorhomes for hire.  People have a number of reasons for hiring these days. Holidays are an obvious reason, but motorhomes are also very sought after for trade fairs, sporting events, weekend music festivals and film or television location work. Couples or two friends sharing often hire models such as the Mooveo P6 or the Chausson Flash 02, which have good fuel economy and are easy to manoeuvre.  The six berth versions of these popular models, the Mooveo C6 and the Chausson Flash 03 are very suitable for families or groups of friends.

When people are planning a slightly more luxurious camping holiday in the British Isles they often choose private motorhome hire in the UK as their travelling and accommodation solution. In this instance a specific make or model, offered for private rental by its owner through our company’s private hire scheme, may satisfy the customer’s requirements best of all. Convenience is the key here; some people prefer to pick up a vehicle close to their own home, rather than making a long trip to a large depot at the beginning of a holiday. Perhaps they wish to take a family pet, such as a dog, and a number of pet-loving private motorhome owners are happy to allow this. To protect the interests of all parties taking part in private motorhome hire, please make sure that the required insurance policies are all correct.

Many potential customers are keen to find cheap motorhome hire in the UK. For foreign visitors flying to the British Isles, a motorhome is the perfect solution for visiting a large number of tourist attractions in a short period of time.  A private motorhome rental package is often cheaper than paying for a number of hotels and hiring a car. For people already living in the UK, particularly families with children, cheap motorhome hire can provide an adventurous holiday without breaking the bank.

All the above factors explain why private motorhome rental in the UK is booming. Families and groups of friends love the idea of the freedom of a camping trip, but in the 21st century many of us like our creature comforts too. With a private motorhome you have all you need at your disposal 24 hours a day. If your holiday budget is not enormous, simple meals cooked in the kitchen of your private motorhome and eaten outdoors will taste fabulous. Anybody who has travelled with children will see the advantages of a large vehicle with plenty of space to store toys and bicycles.