What does ‘Berth’ mean?

Motorhome Berths

The rear bunks in the Chausson Flash 03 are a firm favourite with children, but are adult size too.

When we talk about motorhome hire, ‘berth’ is term you will often hear, this can be quite a confusing term as it means bed, but not exactly. Let’s give an example, The Mooveo C6 motorhome has a double bed over the cab, this is 2 berths because it is for two people. At the rear of the motorhome are two single bunk beds which are two separate beds and therefore 2 berths. In addition to this is the central section of the motorhome where there is the dinette table, which can be converted into a further full size double bed, so that’s another 2 berths.

So you get the idea? A Mooveo C6 is a 6 berth motorhome, but in reality has three permanent fixed beds, a double and two singles.  So in actual fact you will see that something like a 6 berth motorhome is actually the ideal vehicle for a family of four. This is especially true if you have younger children who will want to go to bed before the adults. That way the children could be in bed and the adults could still use the living area for relaxing, watching TV or whatever they fancy. So while we are talking about beds, berths and children – do your children like going to bed? No, I thought not, most children like to be up as late as possible until they have used their last ounce of energy up, afraid that they might miss something if they go to bed early! Does that sound familiar? Well you will be very happy to learn that we have found that most children love going to bed in a motorhome. I would highly recommend hiring a motorhome with permanent fixed bunks as your children will have their own private bed, reading lamp and feel completely safe and cosy in their beds. The ideal motorhomes for a family of four are the Mooveo C6 and the Chausson Flash 03, both of which have the twin bunk beds at the rear of the vehicle.

The word berth was originally used as a term for the beds that are on ships and yachts. On huge luxury cruise liners beds are pretty much the same as a bed you would have in your own home or in hotel. On smaller yachts beds need to get a bit more clever as space is usually at a premium, this is just the same in motorhomes. You will also hear the word berth used for long distance sleeper trains as well as the bed that truck drivers often have in their cabs. The most popular motorhomes we have for hire in their respective ‘berth sizes’ are as follows:

  • 2 berth: The Trigano Tribute tends to win hands down over most other models. These are ingenious campervan style vehicles that are perfect for couples but can be configured as one double or two singles depending on your preference.
  • 3 berth: The Mooveo P6 and the Chausson Flash 02 are both superb vehicles that have a fixed double bed and an extra single bed. Both these are ideal for a couple with a small child or a couple who want the luxury of a permanent double bed.
  • 6 berth: The Chausson Flash 03 and the Mooveo C6 are the two most popular hire vehicles, both have a double overcab bed, twin bunks at the rear and dinette table that can convert in to an extra double.
  • 7 berth: The Chausson Flash 25 and the Mooveo C7 are similar in layout to their 6 berth counterparts above. In both cases there is an extra smaller table in the center part that can easily convert into an extra single bed.

As you can see there is no ideal layout for everybody, but there will be an ideal layout for you. Our team will be very happy to discuss your individual requirements and make sure you have the ideal vehicle.

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