Adria Motorhomes

Adria-Motorhomes-Logo-300x124Adria Mobil is a company from Novo Mesto, in south eastern Slovenia, that produces caravans and motorhomes, using the ADRIA and ADRIATIK brand names. Adrial Mobil currently has a 6.5 percent share in the European motorhome and caravan market and is reckoned to be the sixth most successful recreational vehicle builder in Europe.

According to recent sales figures 99% of the vehicles constructed are sold to customers in western Europe. Adria Mobil was originally launched in 1954 as a part of the Industrija Motornih Vozil initiative and went on to become an independent company in 1990. There are now Adria dealerships throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The current models, such as the Twin, Matrix and Sonic are based on the Fiat Ducato Euro 5 cab and engine.

Adria Coral 650

If you have never driven or used a motorhome before, a vehicle such as the Adria Coral S650 is a great way to start. It is compact and easy to drive, yet still offers a very pleasant and functional interior space. The Adria Coral S650 can provide comfortable travelling and sleeping accommodation for up to [...]