Auto-Sleepers Motorhomes

Auto-Sleepers-Motorhomes-LogoAuto-Sleepers boast over 50 years experience in meeting the requirements of customers who are seeking the best in British-built motorhomes. Currently based at Willersey in the Cotswolds, the Auto-Sleepers company take great pride in their craftsmanship and design expertise. Time, care and effort goes into the making of an Auto-Sleepers motorhome and it shows. The furnishings and fittings are modern, top quality products which are built to last.

The Auto-Sleepers story begins in 1961, when the Trevelyan family built their own motorhome, based on a Morris J2 commercial van, to take on holiday to the South of France. Soon afterwards they converted an Austin van into a second motorhome. Henlys garage in Bristol then ordered five motorhomes to sell on their forecourt and the first retail products went into production.

The Auto-Sleepers core product was the glass-fibre “monocoque” living unit which made the habitation area of the motorhome strong and less prone to leaking in wet weather. This “clam-shell” design avoids unnecessary edge joints which are characteristic of “sandwich” construction.

The business evolved rapidly and soon became a market leader in the United Kingdom. Auto-Sleepers began exporting its motorhomes throughout Europe and also to New Zealand, Australia and Japan.

In 1997 the Trevelyan family sold the Auto-Sleepers company to Steven Riley and Bill Cook, but continued to hold a small share in the business. In 2000 Auto-Sleepers was sold to Ian Capes and Stuart Johnson of the Marquis company.

Here are some the Auto-Sleepers motorhomes that are available for motorhome hire