Auto Trail Motorhomes

Auto-Trail-Motorhomes-Logo-300x70The Auto-Trail company have been manufacturing motorhomes in North Lincolnshire for over 30 years. Their recently extended factory is situated at the Europarc industrial estate, near Grimsby, where they employ around 250 people. Auto-Trail are now part of the Trigano Group, which has increased the financial stability of the company and brought a high level of investment in the business. The Trigano Group is currently one of the largest and most profitable recreational vehicle manufacturers in Europe.

Auto-Trail pride themselves in offering a wide variety of motorhome models, with clearly defined specifications and layouts to suit all budgets. Some of their most successful models are the Tracker, Apache and Frontier. Tracker EKS & RS continue to be the motorhome of choice for people who like a compact leisure vehicle. Auto-Trail recently launched the Tracker FB, the first ever fixed-bed Tracker and have now decided to manufacture an additional fixed-bed model, the RB. They also claim to be the only motorhome manufacturers to currently offer Hi-Line, Lo-Line and Super Lo-Line overcab shapes in their model range.