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The Volkswagen Caravanette

I could always rely on my Mum and Dad to come up with words I haven’t heard since I were a lad and one that sticks in my mind is Caravanette.

Here’s the dictionary definition: ‘a motor vehicle with a rear compartment equipped for living in’, ah OK that’s a motorhome then? Are there people Googling Caravanette Hire every day? Then I thought back to my youth and I am sure that I had a Matchbox Volkswagen Caravanette, I had a quick look around on Ebay and indeed there does seem to be quite a few for sale called just that.

Caravanette Hire

A lovely old VW ‘Splitty’

I’m no VW expert, but if someone would like to fill me in about if the vehicles pictured here were ever called a Volkswagen Caravanette, then I’m all ears. I always thought the real name was something like Volkswagen Type 1 Kombi.  Actually thinking about it, my Mum and Dad tended to call these Dormobiles as well.

As cute as these campers (carvanettes?) are, things have moved on, modern vehicles are more reliable, efficient, faster, have better brakes, power steering and are just generally easier to drive and more spacious. So if you are looking for caravanettes to hire like the old VW Splitty here, we can’t help you, but if you’d like something more like the Trigano Tribute 2 Berth for your motorhome hire needs, talk to us. If you are dead set on renting something like the VW then you could probably try one of the specialist UK companies who hire them out for things like weddings. I guess the deal here is that they don’t need to go very far, so reliability isn’t such a problem.

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A very reliable Trigano Tribute ‘Caravanette’

The Trigano Tribute

The Trigano Tribute takes advantage of the specification offered by the new Fiat Ducato. The lounge area also offers a sofa bed on the offside and a forward-facing single seat on the near side.

The lounge area again quickly converts into a choice of 2 bedroom arrangements offering two single beds or a transverse double bed. The rear of the offers a combined 4 burner hob, oven incorporating grill, stainless steel sink, drawers to the underneath and a full-length wardrobe. Opposite is a large washroom offering electric flush toilet, washbasin and a fully enclosed separate shower cubicle, you wouldn’t get that in an old VW!

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Teardrop Caravans

We did some research about who looks for the term ‘caravanette’ and it seems that many people are looking for those small teardrop caravans that are very popular today. If all you want to do is sleep and cook outside then a car with a teardrop caravan may well be an excellent option. These types of caravan are made in the UK, Europe and the US.
Teardrop Caravans from Camp Inn

Teardrop Caravans from Camp Inn

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The photograph at the top of the page is by John Shepherd. John says, “California? No, Leysdown, Kent. The couple are this beautiful vehicle’s owners.” The photograph has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence. The original photograph was cropped at the top and the bottom and resized.

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