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Elddis have been synonymous with mid price motorhomes and caravans since 1964. The main ranges are the Elddis Aspire and Autoquest. More recently in 2014 the Accordo range was introduced. Even though the Elddis motorhomes are very affordable they are some of the best equipped motorhomes available on the market today.

The Elddis Autoquest range

Elddis AutoquestThe majority of the 2014 range of Elddis Autoquest are power by the 130 bhp Peugeot Boxer 2.2 HDi Turbo Diesel engine which is very fuel efficient with low emissions. The smaller 2 berth models have a 110bhp engine. Further economy is provided by a six speed gearbox. Unlike many other coachbuilt motorhomes the Elddis Autoquest is built on the original Peugeot chassis which gives a better driving quality, just like Peugeot intended. The Elddis Autoquest is Britain’s best selling motorhome. The Eldiss Autoquest consists of 2 berth, 4 berth and a 6 berth model.

The Eddis Aspire range

Elddis AspireThe Aspire range are available in 2 or 4 berth formats. The emphasis here is on style, high quality, superb driving performance all at an affordable price. If you are looking for something like a Elddis Autoquest but want to move up a step in quality and features then maybe you should consider the Aspire range.

The Elddis Accordo range

Elddis AccordoThe new Accordo range is just 2 motorhomes, a 2 berth and 3 berth. These are compact motorhomes, less than 2.8m in height, 2.2m wide and 6m long. There is no bending over inside the vehicle, there is headroom of 1.93m (6’4”). With their sporty performance the idea is to keep up the van conversion campervans, but offering lots more living space and storage room.

The Elddis SoLID Construction Process

Elddis SoLid ConstructionIn 2012 Elddis teamed up with a company called Henkel who making adhesives and bonding products. What they produced was a new construction process called SoLID. Leading manufacturers put their trust in Henkel adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products in the same way that many craftsmen and DIY experts do. Although an adhesive is just a fraction of the final product, when it fails it can compromise product performance and even lead to a complete malfunction.

Rob Quines from Eddis says, “SoLID Construction is our new construction method for all our touring caravans and motorhomes since the start of 2013. It had its origins more than 3 years ago when I decided that we had to invest in our future and the investment in that sense meant spend a lot of time working out what our possibilities were. To do that we set ourselves some criteria and there were 5 main criteria:

  1. The construction box must be the strongest that we have ever made
  2. Considering the way that the average family touring car is becoming lighter all the time, the construction must be lighter than ever before.
  3. The bane of our lives in this industry is sometimes that water can get in and therefore that it must be dry and not let water in.
  4. As the aesthetics of design are continually changes we wanted a design where we would not be restricted and could respond to those fashion changes with our construction method tha we have chosen to use.
  5. Accidents do happen, this is a fact of life, so it would be no good producing something that was very solid and difficult to repair.

The strength comes from the chemical bond which bonds the box together whether that be the floor, the sides or the roof. We came across an organisation called Henkel who are a German based multi-national company and they are World leaders in chemical bonding technology, whether they are in aerospace, military, heavy truck bodies or in fast high performance cars. We sat down with Henkel early on in the process and asked them to design us a jointing system and an adhesive with a match to it which would ensure that the water could not get through the bond. They actually sketched in our first meeting what utopia should look like, the sort of bond we should aim for. Instead of settling for anything less than that, that’s what we aimed for, and that’s what we achieved. In fact the more industries you come across and the more you learn about this, the concept of screwing or bolting anything together is just a thing of the past now. It’s all evolving away now to a chemical bonding solution and why should the touring caravan and motorhome industry be any different?

What makes it lighter in simple terms is the removal of all those fixings. As a consequence we don’t have to include the various timber frames that existed before in such things as sides, floors and roofs. We are so confident about the construction method that we offer a 10 year body integrity warranty which has got no conditions attached and is definitely industry leading.

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There are currently no Elddis motorhomes available from the hire depots, but there are plenty in the Private Motorhome Hire Network to choose from. Here are a few…