Glastonbury Tickets On Sale: Sunday 6th October

Glastonbury Festival did a great post about Glastonbury 2014 published a fun, but useful, blog post yesterday. It was not about surviving the festival, but surviving the ticket sale. They used this photo of the obligatory bikini (almost) clad girl on someone’s shoulders from last year’s Glastonbury. The photo had the phrase “This could be you if you get a ticket”. The first three points of the post were very relevant, but we’d like to add a ‘zeroth’ point too, one that you can act on now!

0. Are you going to stay in a motorhome or a tent?

OK, well for sure a tent will be cheaper, but there are some serious advantages about hiring a motorhome for Glastonbury Festival. How about a hot shower, hot and cold running water, your own clean private toilet and the most comfortable beds on site? The best thing is that you can get a hire quote now and reserve your motorhome for £99, but if you don’t get a ticket you get that £99 back in full. So you can do that before step 1. Call 0800 612 8719 or use the form here.

1. Be prepared

9.01 is not the best time to realise you have no idea who you’re getting tickets for, what your registration number is, or where you can actually get tickets from. Have all your friends’ details saved in a Word document so you can just copy and paste them over if/when you get that magic booking screen. Have the website address ( and phone number (0844 412 4635) to hand, and make sure your computer is in full working order. Oh and make sure you have enough money in the bank (£50 deposit for each ticket you purchase). Your friends will not thank you if your festival plans go to waste because you spent your last £100 on that big night out last weekend.

2. Make a party of it

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who manage to get tickets early on, you’re in this for the long haul. It’s surprising how tedious refreshing the same page over and over again for hours on end can get, so it’s good to try and keep it interesting. Why not have a ticket sale party? Of course, you can’t invite any of your potential would-be camp mates as they will be a drain on your internet resources, but having other people around might alleviate the boredom of watching a blank screen for several hours.

3. Keep hydrated

Combining skill, patience, luck and endurance, the Glastonbury ticket sale should really be considered a sport. As such, it’s important to keep hydrated. Have a nice cup of tea ready to kick start your day at 9am, before progressing to alcoholic beverages as the hours drag on. Cider at 11am is perfectly acceptable at festivals, so it follows that this is also true of festival ticket sales.

Hopefully you are reading this either in preparation for the Sunday morning sale or you have already been successful. Well done if you have secured your tickets, now go ahead and secure your motorhome. Why not get a big one and split the cost between 6 of you? You will find that because you can cook all your own food, make cups of tea and have a fridge full of beer you will save quite a bit. Oh yeah and then there is that toilet deal! Please leave any comments below if you need some further information or call 0800 612 8719 anytime.

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