Hymer Motorhomes

Hymer AG is a caravan and motorhome manufacturer in Bad Waldsee, Germany. The company is one of the most successful manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe. Hymer AG also own the following brands: Burstner, Eriba, Niesmann & Bischoff and Laika. Hymer motorhomes have an excellent reputation regarding design, build quality and reliability.

Members of the Hymer family owned a repair workshop in Bad Waldsee from 1923 onwards. Erich Bachem Hymer made the first caravan to fulfil a customer order in 1956 and a year later Erwin Hymer designed the first Eriba range, which were named Trolls. The company became known as Hymer AG, and began making the Eriba-Troll range in 1958. Hymer produced their first motorhome, which was called the Caravano, in 1961. Serial production of Hymer motorhomes began in 1971.

Hymer took over Niesmann & Bischoff GmbH in 1996, adding Burstner to their portfolio two years later. Hymer AG acquired the Italian motorhome manufacturer Laika in the year 2000. The statistics speak for themselves; in the financial year 2010-2011 the Hymer Group reported a turnover of 792 million euros, having built 14,243 motorhomes and 6,317 caravans that year. They currently employ a workforce of around 2,600 people and have factories in Germany, France and Italy.

Hymer motorhomes are sought after vehicles. They are German built and are a quality vehicle inside and out. They are a very popular choice for people looking for a used motorhome to buy, because of their build quality and timeless styling. The model numbers are confusing to say the least, but generally the B models are A class motorhomes and the C models are coachbuilt models. If you are looking to buy a used Hymer motorhome, why not try renting one first?

If you are interested in the history of Hymer Motorhomes, Hymer have set up a museum at the factory at Bad Waldsee, germany. This includes not only Hymer products but also much other material from Herr Hymer’s existing collection. The project is being led by Bernhard Jehne, a long time associate and friend of Erwin Hymer who first joined his company in 1957, has held many leading positions in both development and marketing and is now the company archivist. The museum opened in 2003.