Knaus Motorhomes

Knaus are a German manufacturer of motorhomes and caravans. The current range of low profile motorhomes includes the Van TI, the Sky TI, a special model for 2013 called Celebration 25 Years, the Sky Wave, and the Sun TI. There is also a new coachbuilt motorhome called the Sky Traveller. In addition to this there are two brand-new large A class motorhomes called Sky I and Van I.

Knaus do seem to have taken their German engineering to the next level, for example the new A class Van I is the size of a small bus but in actual fact the total weight of the vehicle is 3 1/2 tons which means it can be driven on a normal driving licence. From the exterior it has tons of style and character with very modern details such as the LED daytime running lights, a sporty design, hybrid rear lights and a very striking front look.

The Knaus motorhomes that we have in our fleet mostly belong to the private motorhome hire network, so they tend to be slightly older vehicles. However do not let this put you off because they are expertly engineered and well designed vehicles, built with German precision.

The company have gained many awards over the years. In 2010 and 2011 they won the “Customer is King” award for having the most family friendly brand. In 2011 they also won the “Best Luxury Motorhome” category in the Practical Motorhome awards.

If you are in the market for a second-hand motorhome it is well worth considering some of the higher quality German built motorhomes. The initial purchase price of these vehicles was always very high, but they do have the advantage of lasting a long time and providing years of trouble-free service. Please do get in touch if you would like to enquire about ex-rental motorhomes that are for sale. Other German brands worth considering are Hymer and Burstner.