Lunar Motorhomes

The Lunar company, founded by Brian Talbot and Ken Wilcock in the 1960s, has been building recreational vehicles near Preston in Lancashire, for over forty years. The name was inspired by the 1969 moon or lunar landing. Its fair to say that Lunar are probably best known for their high quality lightweight caravans, such as the compact Ariva and the luxurious Clubman.

After the company was sold to a European manufacturer in the 1990s Lunar began making motorhomes. Lunar imported a number of motorhome brands built at the Lommel factory in Belgium, which came to the UK as Home-Car and Champ. They also introduced the Ford Pinnacle and built up a network of dealers in the UK offering these brands. Most of the Lunar motorhomes available on the second hand market today were built between the years 1998 and 2009. A management buyout, led by the chairman and CEO, Brian Mellor, was finalised in 2007, turning Lunar back into a British-based company once more.

Some of the most popular Lunar motorhome models are: the Roadstar, the Champ, the Homecar and the Premier. In February 2013 the company launched a new concept in compact motorhomes, the Vacanza, a camper van the same size as a family car.