McLouis Motorhomes

McLouis motorhomes are a relatively recent brand, first created in 1999, but they have already gained a good reputation on the international market. McLouis aim to design and manufacture high quality motorhomes at affordable prices so that more people can consider owning a recreational vehicle. McLouis currently produce ranges of overcab, low profile, compact and A class motorhomes. The factory is based near Modena, in Italy and their motorhomes are available from dealerships throughout Europe.

McLouis Tandy 640

McLouis Tandy 640 thumbnail

The McLouis Tandy 640 is a spacious 7 berth motorhome suitable for families and groups of friends sharing. This large motorhome has a 3.0 litre diesel engine, power assisted steering, cab air conditioning and a Sat Nav unit installed. The McLouis Tandy 640 motorhome has permanently fixed rear bunk beds and a double bed in [...]

McLouis Lagan 420

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The McLouis Lagan 420 really is the perfect, all-purpose 7 berth motorhome. With its powerful 2.3i Fiat engine and overall length of 7.1 metres, this large motorhome requires a C1 category driving licence. Power assisted steering and reversing sensors make the Lagan 420 remarkably easy to drive and park however. The McLouis Lagan 420 featured [...]

McLouis Lagan 410

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The McLouis Lagan 410 is an ideal, multi-purpose 5 berth motorhome. With the same “footprint” as a medium sized commercial van, the Lagan 410 is easy to drive and park. It has a 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine and power assisted steering. The passenger cab has air conditioning. Please note that this McLouis Lagan 410 [...]