Motorhead Motorhome T-Shirt

Motorhead Motorhome T shirtI found this great T-shirt on Ebay this morning, it’s a Motorhead Motorhome T-Shirt. Obviously aimed firmly at VW Campervan fans, but I think it would be quite funny for anyone to wear who likes motorhomes and Motorhead (Yes I’m afraid that is me!). By the way if you were planning on going to see Motorhead at Download 2013 this year, it seems that although there is no shortage of motorhomes and campervans to hire for the occasion, the festival campervan/motorhome passes have now sold out. There is the odd ticket for sale (with the campervan pass) every now and again on Ebay, but they are quite rare. Funnily enough that is what I was looking for when I stumbled across the motorhome T-shirt.

Do remember if you need to hire a motorhome for any festival this summer, we at can help you. There is no problem taking our motorhomes to any sort of festival, including Glastonbury. The weekend motorhome rental period is actually from Friday morning until Monday afternoon. This means you get three nights away and almost four days rental – perfect for long weekends and 3 day festivals.

You can get a free motorhome quote now and if you decide to go ahead with the booking, a £99 deposit is all you need to reserve it.  If you book a motorhome for a very popular festival (for example the resale of Glastonbury 2013 tickets is next weekend) and don’t manage to get a ticket, your deposit will be returned to you in full.