Motorhomes for hire with pull down beds

Hymer 544

Last month we have been talking about different motorhome layouts and bedding arrangements that work best for you. In doing so we spoke about motorhomes with a fixed rear double bed, overcab beds and motorhomes with twin rear bunk beds. The majority of the larger motorhomes tend to have a fixed double overcab bed. This may seem an odd place for some people to sleep, but the reality of it is, is that overcab beds are actually much more comfortable and spacious than you may think at first and not claustrophobic at all. However if you still don’t like the idea of sleeping in an overcab bed, there are alternatives.

Hymer Pull Down Bed Up
Hymer Pull Down Bed DownWe have already discussed the fixed rear bed which is luxurious, but can use a lot of space up when the motorhome is in it’s daytime mode. A way of economizing on space, but still providing a comfortable double bed is the pull down bed. The German motorhome manufacturer, Hymer pretty much defined how a pull down bed should be many years ago and still use the same mechanism today.

You can leave the bed made up with pillows etc. and just push it up in the daytime. At night you simply fold the two front seats flat and pull the bed down. There are other motorhomes that use this system, although they do tend to be the larger A Class motorhomes such as the Rapido A Class models.