Motorhoming and Bikes

motorhoming and bikes

Get on your bike!

If you are heading off in a motorhome for a few days, whether you have hired it or its your own, always think about taking your bikes with you (if you own any) whenever possible. We hadn’t used our bikes for years until we bought our motorhome and went away on holiday in it, but before our trip we got the bikes out – had them serviced and took them on a short ride before we needed to use them for any distance.  That was it, we realised that motorhoming and bikes really do go together.

Many motorhomes are fitted with cycle racks for a minimum of 2 bikes and can usually be increased to hold 4 bikes with a little extra outlay, so it’s always worth asking about. Cycle racks are not too expensive and was well worth any expense incurred in our case.

So often when you arrive at a campsite after a long drive you simply want to park up, get the heating on at this time of year and have a little rest and a cup of coffee, in my case. Once that’s done we find we quite often want to explore the area or nearest town to the campsite but really don’t want to move the van again, and we don’t necessarily know how far it is to walk. Our answer is bikes, it give us a cheap reliable option to explore the area, visit places without the constraints, if that’s the right word, of taking our motorhome out again and more importantly – it gives us an opportunity for some exercise after that long drive, a chance to cycle along beaches, country lanes, do a little shopping, and dare I say it, have a glass of wine with lunch before returning back to the campsite.

If you don’t own bikes at the moment, some campsites do hire them out, so that may be another opportunity to explore before you travel. If you think motorhoming and bikes sounds like fun, mention this when booking your motorhome hire, we can make sure that the vehicle is fitted with a suitable bike rack.