Niesmann Bischoff Motorhomes

Niesmann and Bischoff motorhomes are German-built, high-end of the market luxury vehicles. The company has been manufacturing motorhomes for over thirty years and its 900 sqm factory at Polch currently employs over 200 people. The Niesmann and Bischoff brand became part of Hymer AG also known as the Hymer Group in 1996.

Niesmann and Bischoff continue to enjoy a top brand status and have won many European industry awards. Their Arto 79 LE model was runner-up in the prestigious 2012 Motorhome Awards. Each Niesmann and Bischoff vehicle is engineered to the highest possible standard and they offer a range of luxury extras for the discerning motorhome owner.

Niesmann Bischoff Arto 64

The Niesmann-Bischoff Arto 64 is a luxury 4 berth A class motorhome.  It is ideal for a family holiday and will also accommodate up to four adults. This Arto 64 has a 2.8 litre Fiat Ducato engine with power assisted steering which makes it easy to drive and park. This particular motorhome is based in [...]