Parking a motorhome

Parking a motorhome

Parking a Laika Ecovip motorhome

I spotted this motorhome today. Although we often say that with our smaller motorhomes you can park them pretty much anywhere, but I did think this Italian family were taking a slight liberty here. The large 6 berth Laika Ecovip was straddled across two parking spaces, quite badly, in a tiny car park outside a Carrefour City supermarket in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. We would probably suggest that you try and find somewhere a little bit more spacious to park your motorhome as it did seem a little unfair to the other vehicles.

Despite the few clouds you can see here, the weather in the south of France today is hot, hot, hot! It’s been hovering around the 30C mark for quite a few days now – I think the next move should involve finding some water. We are toying with the idea of going down to the gorgeous Lac de Serre Ponçon for a few days, where there are quite a few laybys and other places where you can quite happily wild camp. A plus tard!

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