Single Parent Holiday Ideas

Single parent holiday ideas

Single parent holiday ideas

It seems that the appeal of a motorhome hire holiday is not just for couples and families, but is now popular with single parents.  The fact is that more people are choosing to stay at home for their holidays, and in no demographic is this more evident than with single parents and their children. There are many reasons why this has one of the more popular single parent holiday ideas.

One reason seems to be that motorhome hire is inexpensive compared with most package holiday deals and these savings are the main reason behind the rise in popularity of such a holiday.  A survey  taken by Monarch Airlines revealed that 11 per cent of Brits don’t go on holiday at all.

  Particularly with the consequences of job insecurity, financial fears and worries concerning the future, more and more families this year left their holiday plans to the last minute hoping to get a bargain. It seems that this year people just want to head to the coast in the UK.

The new craze of ‘glamping’ , or luxury camping, can include hiring a motorhome for a week,  which means it has never been easier to enjoy a perfect holiday in the UK. Many of the beaches on Britain’s coastline are equal to anywhere in the world, and can be enjoyed for a mere fraction of the price.

Motorhome hire holidays are suitable for everyone as the main attractions of holidaying in a motorhome cross all ages, genders and backgrounds.  

The key to the appeal and enjoyment of a caravan holiday is the freedom; specifically, the freedom for people to do as they wish and to do so exactly when they would like.

Motorhoming is the perfect base from which to adopt your own holiday pace, the traditional constraints of normal life, such as when to eat, when to sleep and when to go out, all disappear out the motorhome window when on holiday. The appeal of the motorhome holiday is the pure sense of enjoyment and adventure garnered from being in the great outdoors.

So does a motorhome hire holiday appeal as a suggestion for single parents? We hope so, if it does, get in touch.