The Easter Getaway Begins Today

Hire a Chausson Flash 25 Motorhome for Easter

The lovely 7 berth Chausson Flash 25 Motorhome

This year the great Easter getaway in the UK begins today Good Friday, which is the 29th March 2013. This is always one of the busiest days for people trying to either get away from the UK and go abroad or just explore their own country a bit more. Whatever you decide to do, it is just nice to get away from the usual work schedule. Although this year I’m not sure that so many people will be looking at holidaying in the UK as the weather has been a bit rubbish!

Last year on the Saturday before Easter, the Gatwick luggage mayhem caused chaos and misery for thousands of people. Even supposedly reputable companies like British Airways were putting hundreds of people on planes in full knowledge that they were going to be dropped off at a foreign airport with none of their luggage! Do you really want to put yourself and your family through this? If you were to have chosen a motorhome hire holiday at Easter, how easy would it make everything?

If you decide to get away at Easter with a motorhome, you can either pick one up locally from one of the 700+ pick up points around the UK or arrange to collect your motorhome from one of the new depots at Bristol, Heathrow or Edinburgh or the headquarters at Cambridge. It’s just a matter of loading your stuff onboard, picking somewhere to go and go. Motorhome holidays are very different from any other holiday, as Vanessa (our Motorhome TV reporter) likes to say, “The holiday begins as soon as you put the key in the ignition”. This is very true, especially when you have kids who just completely love motorhomes. A strange thing that happens is that once your children have found their beds in the motorhome, they actually look forward to going to bed – that’s unheard of for most parents.

Whether you decide to take your Easter get away in 2013 in the UK or abroad, we do hope you will give a motorhome hire holiday, some serious consideration. Just think how cool it would be to begin your holiday in a motorhome like the one in the photo, the Chausson Flash 25. Get a motorhome hire quote online today and start making plans about where you are going to go, rather than how you are going to get there.