Trigano Motorhomes

The Trigano Group is one of the largest manufacturers of motorhomes in France. The Trigano brand was created in 1935 by the textile merchant Edgar Trigano and his family. They initially made and sold tents along with other camping equipment, achieving many thousands of sales when two-week paid holidays were introduced in France in 1936. The Société Trigano was formed in 1945, by Edgar’s son Raymond. By 1971 Trigano began manufacturing and distributing caravans under the slogan “Le camping, c’est Trigano” – “Camping IS Trigano”.

It wasn’t all plain sailing during the 1970s and competition in the caravan market was fierce. However in 1981, the businessman François Feuillet joined Trigano and the company wisely began manufacturing motorhomes in 1984. Feuillet and an associate, M. Bernard, invested heavily in the company the same year to the extent of owning 50% of the shares each. Feuillet bought the Trigano company outright in 1990 and began acquiring other brands in the recreational vehicle sector, such as Autostar in 1998, Caravans International and Auto-Trail in 1999, ARCA in 2001 and Benimar in 2002. In many cases this intervention meant that jobs and factories under threat of closure were saved and companies who had previously made caravans moved into the motorhome market. Meanwhile, in 1998, the Trigano Group was successfully floated on the stock market.

Nowadays the Trigano Group is an important player in the international leisure vehicle market due to its strong portfolio of brands, solid financial backing and its organisation into independent business units throughout Europe. The Trigano Group now employs over 4000 people in its manufacturing activities spread over eight countries: France, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Tunisia.

Trigano Tribute 650

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As with the Tribute 550, the Trigano Tribute 650 motorhome is built on a Fiat Ducato base, but is slightly longer ( 5.82 metres). The lounge area has a sofa bed on one side and a forward facing single seat on the other side. The extra vehicle length of the Tribute 650 allows for larger [...]

Trigano Tribute 550

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The Trigano Tribute 550 is a smart and compact 2 berth motorhome which is ideal for couples or two friends sharing. Based on the Fiat Ducato van, with a 2.3 litre turbo diesel engine, the Tribute 550 is economical and easy to drive. This motorhome has power assisted steering and some models have cruise control [...]