Motorhome Owners

Most motorhome owners find that after a while they don’t tend to get the chance to use their motorhome as much as they would like, so why not put your motorhome to work?

By being able to bulk buy insurance policies that are suitable for private motorhome rental, we can pass the discount we get onto motorhome owners who wish to rent out their own vehicle, through our private motorhome and campervan rental network.

If you own a motorhome you may be questioning the finance, running costs and servicing of your vehicle when you only get to spend a few weeks away every year in it. If you feel like this then why not put your motorhome to work and get an income from your leisure vehicle when you are not using it? Here are some points that you might not have considered before:

  • On average motorhomes spend more than 80% of the year on the owner’s driveway
  • Finance and depreciation can cost more than £29,000 in the first few years
  • As a motorhome owner you could earn an average of £612 every time your vehicle goes out on hire

Everything you need to know about how to earn money from your motorhome is covered in the free guide that is available here. The guide is called Motorhome Secrets and it has been created by motorhome hire experts. The main aim is to show you how you can earn an income on your motorhome when you’re not using it. You will be very surprised to find out how much money you could earn. With a little knowledge and a little bit of cleaning work you could easily be earning anywhere between £250 and £1200 a week. The free guide is full of ideas to help anyone make enough money to be able to afford a brand new motorhome.

Some of the points discussed are:

  • The ideal layout and size
  • What sort of hirers to avoid
  • How to reclaim all your costs against your income tax
  • How to use the Internet to find thousands of customers ready to rent your motorhome

The guide even tells you how to turn your hobby into a part-time business which you can run from home. You don’t need special premises or have to  incur any overheads to be successful. The guide is free and it is an essential read for anybody who owns their own motorhome.