Places to go in a Motorhome

There really aren’t many places that you cannot go in a motorhome. If you can drive there in a car, you can go there in a motorhome. If you can’t get there in a motorhome, you can probably get most of the way and then cycle or walk to where you want to be.

People use motorhomes for all different reasons; holidays, music festivals, trade shows, weddings, days out, etc. Here we look at some popular destinations as well as a few other places you may not have thought of.

Searching for the Loch Ness Monster in a Motorhome

Searching for the Loch Ness Monster in a Motorhome thumbnail

The Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness Monster is probably one of the most famous monsters in the World. My daughter Madeline has been obsessed by ‘Nessie’ since I came back from a trip around Denmark in 2007. I’d been looking for a present for her in the shops at Esbjerg and I found ‘Scooby [...]

The Royal Oak Inn, Nadderwater, Exeter, Devon

The Royal Oak is a family run public house with a lively bar and quieter lounge, offering food, drinks and accommodation to customers of all ages, the pub is situated in the hamlet of Nadderwater, on the edge of Exeter. The information here is supplied by the owners. A wealth of fantastic real ales, beers, [...]

La Garangeoire, Vendée, France

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This is a beautiful camp site situated in 200 hectares of nature reserve but only 15 minutes drive to the nearest beach. The site runs a shuttle service to the beach at a cost of 4€ return, for those not wanting to move their motor home, which we thought was a great idea! There are [...]

La Tur d’Amun, Bardonecchia, Italy

On Saturday October 4th 2014 we went to Bardonecchia, Italy with one intention – to visit La Tur d’Amun. This is a wonderful castle that is completely free to visit at any time although if you want to see inside the main tower you will need to go with a guided tour. What is the [...]

Pietra Ligure in a Motorhome

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Following the success of my winter motorhome trip to Italy in the Piedmonte area of Italy, I thought I would take a trip a little further south to Liguria. My destination is Pietra Ligure on the Italian Riviera. I’ve not been to this part of Italy before so it is all new to me. I’ve [...]

Motorhome Trip To Italy

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Well here we are in March after surviving one of the soggiest winters in the UK ever. It is fair to say that it is very hard to think about a motorhome trip when it is freezing cold and raining. But things are changing now. Next weekend we will be in British Summer Time which [...]

A second look at

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I had another look at the website that I mentioned the other day. I think the website itself needs a bit more sorting out to be able to get to the information you need quickly. The app, well at least the iPhone app, seems to a better job as it uses your phone’s GPS [...]

How to find cheap campsites

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If you intend to travel around the UK quite a lot with a motorhome, caravan or even a tent, you may be able to save money by joining one of the camping clubs. There are really only two choices and these are: ‘The Caravan Club‘and ‘The Camping and Caravanning Club‘. There isn’t really much to [...] Review Review thumbnail is a clever little website that does two things: it provides you with somewhere to stop with your motorhome for absolutely nothing and at the same time helps bring business to pubs that they would otherwise not have. The basic idea behind the website is to encourage you to become a member for £30 [...] Review Review thumbnail

The website is a site developed by three French guys to help people find somewhere to park their motorhome either for free, or very cheaply. The website is very clever in the way that it is being created by its users. What they have done is produced a smart phone application so that people [...]