A second look at Park4Night.com

I had another look at the Park4Night.com website that I mentioned the other day. I think the website itself needs a bit more sorting out to be able to get to the information you need quickly. The app, well at least the iPhone app, seems to a better job as it uses your phone’s GPS to locate where you are. This is of course a great advantage if you are out on the road, but not so good if you are hundreds of miles away planning your trip. My conclusion remains the same: it is definitely worth registering at the site and if you have a smartphone, getting the app. The Park4Night.com site is (at the moment) very France-centric, so don’t expect to find hundreds of places to stop in the UK – you won’t!

If you do decide to use this service I would urge you to become active in the community and try and update listings and add new ones. There does seem to be quite a drastic lack of photographs and reviews on many of the more interesting places.

If you find any real gems please do also get in touch with us here and we will feature your find on this site.