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Chausson Motorhome, Aldi, Briancon, France

Chausson Motorhome, Aldi, Briancon, France

I spotted this lovely Chausson Flash 03 in the car park of Aldi, near Briançon in The French Alps. It is a model from about 2007 I would guess as the styling of the Chausson motorhomes has changed quite a lot in recent years.  The residents of the motohome still seemed to be asleep. They had clearly stopped the night and no one had bothered them. Aldi shuts at 7pm and doesn’t open until 9am, so they weren’t getting in anyone’s way, so all is well.

The area is predominantly a ski resort in the winter and doesn’t get quite so many visitors in the summer, so I would say that a blind eye is turned at this time of year.

The only thing to note if you are stopping in a supermarket car park is do make sure there is not a height barrier on the entrance. And obviously, do not leave any litter around. If you are told to move on, just politely move on – there’s no point making a fuss. Happy Camping.