Pietra Ligure in a Motorhome

Pietra Ligure Castle

Pietra Ligure Castle (photo source)

Following the success of my winter motorhome trip to Italy in the Piedmonte area of Italy, I thought I would take a trip a little further south to Liguria. My destination is Pietra Ligure on the Italian Riviera. I’ve not been to this part of Italy before so it is all new to me. I’ve spent quite a lot of time before on the French Riviera between Menton and Antibes, but never on the Italian side.

I am going to be travelling down to Italy from France. I have some friends to see in Lyon and then I’ll be heading down the autoroute from Lyon into the Maurienne Valley, the Frejus Tunnel at Modane and arriving in Italy at Bardonecchia. From there on I will take the autoroute to Turin and then head south to Savona and then just drive south on the A10 for a few kilometres. The first major exit on the motorway is for the larger Finale Ligure, which is just along the cost from Pietra Ligure. I have had a pretty good look along the coastal SP39 road using Google Streetview and it looks lovely.

Area Val Maremona Pietra Ligure

Area Val Maremona Pietra Ligure (photo source)

I will be travelling and staying in a motorhome that I am renting in England. In Pietra Ligure there is a campsite that looks fine and there is also a motorhome parking area called Area Val Maremona where you can park a motorhome on a plot of land for 15€ to 18€ a night, with all the usual motorhome facilities like waste water emptying, chemical toilet point, water, electricity, shower and toilet block. This is right in the middle of town which is exactly where I want to be. The address is:

Area Val Maremona
Via Francesco Crispi, 23
17027 Pietra Ligure,
(SAVONA) Italy
GPS: 44.15458 8.28401
Camping Dei Fiori Pietra Ligure

Camping Dei Fiori Pietra Ligure

If you are looking for a larger campsite in Pietra Ligure you could stay at Camping dei Fiori. This is just 550m from the beach set in an olive grove. The swimming pool is open from May until September. The address is:

Camping dei Fiori
Viale Riviera, 11
17027 Pietra Ligure,
(SAVONA) Italy
GPS: 44.147953, 8.268069

So why Pietra Ligure? Pietra Ligure is a small coastal holiday town in Liguria, otherwise known as The Italian Riviera. It really is a perfect place for a holiday for a couple or family. The ancient Castrum Petrae owes its name to the imposing castle that already in the Byzantine era stood on the spur of rock overlooking the sea. Pietra Ligure has four kilometres of low lying sandy coast with over 40 amenities including bathing facilities and fully equipped free beaches.

The charm of the old fishing village of Pietra Ligure has remained intact and can be enjoyed strolling through the Caruggi and around the town centre thanks to the large pedestrian precinct.
On the 8th of July and the 15th of August with the festivals of the Miracle of The Patron Saint Nicholas and Our Lady of the Assumption the holy moments of the brotherhood of the processions blend with the secularity of firework displays.

300 shops and over 150 bars and restaurants half of which are concentrated in the old town are housed in this natural shopping centre. It extends over a vast recently renovated pedestrian precinct.
From on high it is dominated by the hamlet of Ranzi, 150 meters above the Ligurian Sea. Ranzi is divided into three suburbs those of Santissima Concezione (Dranzù), San Antonio (Dransciù) and Santa Liberata (Caselle). The parks and public gardens equipped with children’s amusements are not only places to seek shelter from the summer heat, but also peaceful idylls surrounded by Mediterranean greenery from which to admire the sea.

Thanks to the mild climate and the peaceful period the spring and autumn host the triennial artistic flower show with its spectacular mosaics of flowers and Dolcissima Pietra, a classic appointment with artists in confectionary art.

Sport for players and spectators has fixed dates in the winter, spring and autumn with amateur cycling tour, the Olympic triathlon, cycling’s Gran Fondo and quad and motorcross races on the beach.