Wild Camping by Motorhome

wild-camping-motorhomeI just read in The Sunday Times that 2010 is predicted to have a craze sweeping the UK and Europe for wild camping. Wild camping doesn’t have to be particularly wild. If you are picturing a Millets 2 man tent flapping around in the wind on the side of Ben Nevis then this is not what we had in mind at all. Wild camping by motorhome simply means you are not on a site and not connected to an electricity supply.

When wild camping you can run your fridge on gas, your lights and music on the 12V leisure battery and your heating on gas. So it is still pretty luxurious.

My wild camping experience is fairly limited, friend’s driveways, ferry terminals, hypermarket car parks (check for height barriers!), motorway service areas and pub car parks. However I really enjoyed travelling from Bilbao to the Costa del Azahar in Spain some years back and just staying anywhere we could, quite often we would find a small town and then there would be a reasonable car park near to the park or recreational area of the town. We managed to get as far as Leida before we had to ‘give in’ and stay at a campsite, to do the toilet servicing and make use of the site’s shower block.

So if you fancy a walk on the wild side then do consider wild camping with a motorhome. In all fairness we would prefer you to stay on site for security reasons, but we won’t stop you having some wild fun. Just don’t be daft, don’t camp in areas that are clearly not as crime free as you would like and if you are camping on someone else’s land, always ask permission.