The Dunlop Air Suspension System

The Dunlop Air Suspension System

The Dunlop Air Suspension System

One of the more popular air suspension systems around at the moment is made by Dunlop. There is an air kit available for motorhomes and all major European motorhomes are covered that have been manufactured since 1990. There are quite a few distinct advantages to having air suspension on a motorhome. We will discuss a few of these advantages here.

Increased ground clearance. Sometimes you can have a problem with a motorhome hitting the ground when you board a ferry or drive on a steep driveway. With the Dunlop air suspension system, you have the ability to be able to raise and lower the suspension thus giving you extra ground clearance. You can adjust the amount of air in the units from a control on the dashboard.

Improved straight-line stability. Sometimes when you’re driving a motorhome fast with a strong crosswind you can feel some rather uncomfortable sensations as it gets blown around. The air suspension system helps decrease this.

Reduced body roll. It’s a fact that motorhomes tend to have a high centre of gravity and this can become very evident when you are taking corners. The Dunlop air suspension system helps decrease this too.

Motorhome levelling. This is one of the major advantages of a motorhome with air suspension is that the air suspension can be altered between not only the front and back, but side to side too. This means that if you’re on slightly uneven ground you can quickly compensate for this at the flick of a switch.

An air suspension system will also give a smoother ride and will improve passenger comfort which becomes important on very long journeys.

The Dunlop air suspension system is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing suspension system. At the moment we don’t have any motorhomes for hire with an air suspension system, but if you are looking for a second-hand vehicle you might come across this kind of air system.