DIY Motorhome

DIY Motorhome Front

A DIY Motorhome in The French Alps

I was having a wander about in Briançon, Hautes Alpes, France today, as you do. I did notice that there were some very strange looking vehicles parked at the top end of the town. There was was a big Medieval Festival on today and I’m kind of guessing these odd vehicles were all something to do with the performers and stall holders that were working at the festival. The Medieval Festival was quite spectacular and there was no shortage of mythical creatures wandering about; unicorns, fawns – that sort of thing!

Most normal motorhomes were parked up at the Aire de Camping Car up at the Champs de Mars end of town, which is on the road out towards Italy. However, near the old town of Briançon I spotted this homemade beauty.  It looks like the over cab bed part has been made from the fiber glass type insulation that you get pumped into the cavity walls of your home. I had a quick peek through the window that you can see on the side here and inside was a fully equipped kitchen complete with a full size enamel sink with brass taps. It looks like it has probably been designed for a couple or maybe a couple plus a child. All this built onto the base vehicle of a Mercedes truck. Very funky indeed. You could probably get the same functionality out of a 3 berth Chausson Flash 02, but you wouldn’t get people like me getting all excited about it.

DIY Motorhome Rear

Note the ‘French’ windows at the rear!

The part I loved best about this was the double french windows at the rear, I didn’t take a very good picture but they had nicely carved wooden frames and those curly wrought iron handles. I was thinking how nice that would have been today as the temperature rose to 32C in the afternoon, to be sitting there with the double doors wide open.

Anyway if you want to hire this motorhome, you can’t! However we have plenty more available that are slightly less eccentric than this one if you don’t fancy building you own DIY motorhome.