Pet Friendly Campervan and Motorhome Hire

motorhome hire that is dog friendly

Take your dog with you, but please don’t let them drive!

Pet friendly campervan hire is now available! For most people, the pet in question is a dog, we don’t get many people who insist on taking their hamster or rabbit with them. The family dog is a beloved member of the household and is greatly missed when the family goes on holiday. Lots of people would prefer to take their dog with them on holiday and don’t like the idea of leaving them with relatives or in a kennel.

Smaller dog breeds are preferred because there is not a huge amount of room for dogs inside the campervans, so to be fair to all travellers, it is best to leave your Great Dane at home when considering motorhome hire that is dog friendly.

Small campervans are not recommended when travelling with your dog because they really aren’t big enough to accommodate 2 adults, luggage and a dog. We recommend travelling in a larger campervan such as a Mooveo C6 6 Berth or Mooveo C7 7 Berth motorhome. Dogs should be safely secured in the vehicle with an approved dog harness or animal carrier. In the event of an accident, you want to ensure that your best mate is not injured. It is best to keep your dog out of direct sunlight if possible and make sure the vehicle is well-ventilated and cool so that your dog is not stressed while on the road.

It is a good idea to pack the following items for your dog: their vaccination card, registration papers, collar, lead, food, water bowl, toys, bedding and shovel, poop-scoop or a plastic bag to collect their droppings.

Your dog will appreciate their own creature-comforts from home. Also try to keep their feeding times and sleeping habits the same as home. A health check-up at the vet prior to travel is worthwhile too – you don’t want to have to organise a vet visit while on holiday.

Remember to always confirm your stay with campsites before you arrive to ensure that your dog is welcome. Dog friendly campervan hire is possible so contact us today if you would like more information on taking your furry friend on holiday. Call 0800 612 8719 now.