Motorhome Freedom

Enjoying the freedom that motorhomes can give you is a no brainer; just go where you want, when you want and do what you want. Motorhome Freedom is all about finding ways to enjoy motorhomes, whether you are a motorhome owner or just like the idea of taking a motorhome holiday for a week or two.

Motorhome Hire

Hiring a motorhome is an excellent way to find out what it is really like to travel, sleep and cook in a motorhome. Choose from 13 hire depots throughout England and Scotland or consider hiring a motorhome privately. Find out more about motorhome hire.

Buy an Ex-Rental Motorhome

Motorhomes are expensive to buy, so for many people a secondhand motorhome is the only way forward. An ex-rental motorhome can be an excellent purchase. A motorhome that has been rented out for a few years will have been well maintained and serviced regularly. It is true that it will generally have a higher mileage than a privately owned motorhome of the same age, but any problems will have been fixed. Find out more about Ex-Rental Motorhomes.

Motorhome Investment

This is an investment opportunity for people with £36,000 to invest. The motorhome investment plan gives you a monthly return for three years with 3 weeks of free motorhome hire included. Find out more about more about the Motorhome Investment Plan.