Motorhome Freedom

Small Motorhomes For Hire

Small models are typically used by couples or small families. Pictured here is the brand new Chausson Flash 02 and is available at all UK depots.
Chausson Flash 02

Chausson Flash 02 GET QUOTE

  • Perfect for couples
  • Easy to park and manoeuvre
  • Permanent double bed and 1 small single bed
  • Find out more about the Chausson Flash 02

The beautiful thing about the these motorhomes is the permanent double divan at the rear, this wins over the smaller, less clever, campervans where you have to turn the dining table into a sleeping area every night.

Having the beds permanently made up is so much easier, at the end of the day you can just jump in and have a cosy comfortable nights sleep. These motorhomes also have an extra single which you could use for a child or a baby.

Medium Size Motorhomes For Hire

Medium sized models are the ones most often chosen by families. Here is the Chausson Flash 03 . This model is available at all depots.
The Chausson Flash 03 Motorhome

Chausson Flash 03 GET QUOTE

  • Ideal for familes with children
  • Spacious garage area for luggage and equipment
  • Permanent overcab double bed and 2 single beds
  • Find out more about the Chausson Flash 02

This has a spacious and comfortable double over the cab and full adult sized bunks at the rear. If you are taking children with you, they will love these bunks and will even look forward to bedtime!

If you need to accommodate 6 people, the dinette table can be converted into an extra large double.

Large Motorhomes For Hire

Large models such as the Chausson Flash 25 are popular with larger families and groups of friends, but is also often used by companies looking for a vehicle for corporate events, film crews etc.
Chausson Flash 25

Chausson Flash 25 GET QUOTE

  • Ideal for large families and corporate events
  • Powerful diesel engine ideal for European travel
  • 2 double beds and 3 single beds
  • Find out more about the Chausson Flash 25

Here we have the magnificent Chausson Flash 25 which is similar to the 03 motorhomes with the sleeping layout, but it has two tables in the center of the vehicle which will convert into a double divan with an additional single too. This gives a total sleeping capacity of 7.

All the above vehicles are available to hire at the main hire depots in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Brentwood, London Gatwick Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport and Southampton as well as numerous private pick up points throughout the United Kingdom. Please call at any time you like or get an online quote. Please note that you will need to give us 48 hours notice before you collect.

Motorhome Hire Prices

There are many factors which determine the cost of hiring. The reason for this is largely because of the insurance cost which needs to be built into your quotation. Also because of the seasonal nature of the business, prices tend to be lower in the winter and higher in the summer.

The quickest way to find out is to get an online hire quote or if you are in the UK, just call 0800 612 8719. Details we will need to know will include factors such as the age of the driver, if you are travelling abroad, your occupation and of course when you want to go away!

We aim to give you an absolutely unbeatable hire quote which we will even guarantee with a price match promise.  to provide motorhome

The 14 UK Motorhome Hire Depots  has partnered with National Motorhomes to provide motorhome hire in 14 locations around the UK. There are currently 14 hire depots in Scotland and England where you can hire the latest luxury models and if you wish, leave your own car safely parked at the hire depot.

If you are flying into the UK from overseas, the two hire locations that will probably be most convenient for you are Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport. The newest of the UK premises is close to Brentwood Essex, which is just a 30 minute drive to Stansted Airport.

In Scotland there is a hire depot that is handy for Edinburgh and one near to Glasgow which are convenient if you live in or near Scotland. Even if you live further south you might like to drive your own car up to Scotland and begin your holiday there.

In the north of the UK there are new hire depots at Barnsley and near to Manchester. In the Midlands there is a hire depot in Birmingham.

The south west of England is covered by one not far from Bristol and the south of England now has the new location near Southampton.

The largest range of vehicles is at the main UK headquarters near Cambridge. The newest hire depots are in Exeter, Durham and Oxford.

If any of the places mentioned are still not quite where you want to pick up, there is always the possibility of renting a motorhome privately. Within the private vehicles you will also find different makes and models that might be more suitable to your needs. Maybe if you are looking for a small campervan or a huge great american RV, we can help you find one of those to try before you buy.

Enjoying the freedom motorhomes can give you is a no brainer; just go where you want, when you want. There is a large section on this site about all the motorhomes for rent and ones that are sometimes for sale as ex rental motorhomes.


Chausson Flash 02 Permanent BedA motorhome or campervan is much more than a form of transport, they allow absolute freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can stay on campsites if you wish or you can ‘wild camp’ almost anywhere. A normal car driving licence is all that is required (except for a few of the largest vehicles) and all modern motorhomes are surprisingly easy to drive.

Buy an Ex-Rental Motorhome

Motorhomes are expensive to buy, so for many people a secondhand motorhome is the only way forward. An ex-rental motorhome can be an excellent purchase. A motorhome that has been rented out for a few years will have been well maintained and serviced regularly. It is true that it will generally have a higher mileage than a privately owned motorhome of the same age, but any problems will have been fixed. Find out more about Ex-Rental Motorhomes.

Motorhome Investment

This is an investment opportunity for people with £36,000 to invest. The motorhome investment plan gives you a monthly return for three years with 3 weeks of free motorhome hire included. Find out more about more about the Motorhome Investment Plan.