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MotorhomeFreedom.comMotorhomes are much more than a form of transport, they allow absolute freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can stay on campsites if you wish or you can ‘wild camp’ almost anywhere. A  normal car driving licence is all that is required (except for a few of the largest vehicles) and our motorhomes are surprisingly easy to drive. A holiday in a motorhome is unlike any other holiday, here are some of the main advantages:

  • The total cost of a motorhome holiday is often much less than most other types of holidays
  • Freedom to go where you want, you can change the view from your window every day if you wish
  • No luggage restrictions, you can take as much you want – bikes, sports equipment, pushchairs, whatever you need
  • No airport delays – stay in the UK or take an inexpensive ferry to Europe
  • Take your dog: pet friendly motorhome hire is always available and pets love motorhomes
  • Cook and eat in your motorhome, when and where you like and cheaply too
  • A motorhome adventure starts the moment you leave home
  • Children love motorhomes!

Motorhome Hire

The main aim of this site is to show you just how much fun motorhomes are and how you can start enjoying them for yourself. For most people this begins with hiring a motorhome for a holiday. At we have access to the largest network of motorhomes in the UK that are available for hire. We aim to give you an absolutely unbeatable hire quote which we will even guarantee with a price match promise.

Buy-to-Let Motorhomes

The Buy-to-Let Motorhome Scheme has been very welcomed by people who would dearly love to own their own motorhome, but at the same time cannot justify the expense of buying a brand new motorhome. The scheme is simplicity itself: you buy a heavily discounted brand new motorhome on the condition that you put it into the motorhome hire scheme for 3 years. The motorhome can be bought with finance that you can arrange yourself or we can help you. The interesting fact is that in general, just 1 weeks hire will pay for 1 months finance, so clearly if you rent out your motorhome for 12 weeks a year, you have a free motorhome.

Ex Rental Motorhomes

With having such a large rental fleet, the older vehicles will come onto the market quite often. This is when you can get a real bargain, sure these motorhomes will have covered more miles than a privately owned equivalent, but they will have been maintained, looked after and any faults they may have developed will have been rectified.

Motorhome Investment Plan

This is massive at the moment and many believe it is a better investment than property. This is a way how you can enjoy free motorhome holidays every year and receive a massive amount of interest on your capital. Give us a call today if you want to discuss this opportunity.

Motorhome Owners

Most motorhome owners find that after a while they don’t tend to get the chance to use their motorhome as much as they would like, so why not put your motorhome to work? By being able to bulk buy insurance policies that are suitable for motorhome hire, we can pass the discount we get onto motorhome owners who wish to rent out their own vehicle, through our private motorhome network.

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