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This is where you will find news about any updates we have for you. From time to time we will make changes to the web site that may interest you. If we add new motorhomes or motorhome suppliers to the site we will tell you here too. All in all it’s just a good area to keep your eye on.

Did you get a Glastonbury ticket before they sold out?

Did you get a Glastonbury ticket before they sold out? thumbnail

According to Sky News this was the fastest selling Glastonbury ever! They stated: “Sales got off to a shaky start on Sunday morning with technical issues affecting the first half an hour of sales. The remaining 120,000 tickets for next year’s event went on sale at 9am, with more than a million people pre-registered to [...]

An introduction to the motorhome investment scheme

An introduction to the motorhome investment scheme thumbnail

The motorhome investment scheme has been very successful and is enabling us to buy our own fleet of motorhomes. What the investment scheme has enabled us to do is to open multiple depots across the United Kingdom. This means that we have more control over the motorhome fleet, this means that we have more flexibility [...]

Better than half price motorhome hire deals

The ‘Better Than Half Price’ offer closes soon. 7 nights motorhome hire – from under £150 (Inc VAT) Book a bargain break as easy as 1,2,3… Choose a rental motorhome Small (Chausson Flash 02 / Sleeps 2 & infant / RRP £447) ONLY £149 per week Medium (Chausson Flash 03 / Sleeps 4 / RRP [...]

DIY Motorhome

I was having a wander about in Briançon, Hautes Alpes, France today, as you do. I did notice that there were some very strange looking vehicles parked at the top end of the town. There was was a big Medieval Festival on today and I’m kind of guessing these odd vehicles were all something to [...]

MotorhomeFreedom.com Newsletter

If you are interested in receiving the occasional Newsletter from MotorhomeFreedom.com, please use this form here. We aim to tell you about interesting places to go, campsite reviews, music festivals that you may have not have heard of and any other motorhome news. If at any point you decide that you don’t want to receive [...]

Rick Lomas a Motorhome and Caravan Enthusiast

Rick Lomas is blogger and content supervisor on this web site MotorhomeFreedom.com. He was born a long time ago in  Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. He lived around Staffordshire until 1980 when he went to live in Cardiff and then the following year in Aberystwyth, Dyfed, Wales. Here he worked as a bass player in a band [...]

Motorhome Business

Motorhomes are much more than a form of transport, they allow absolute freedom to go where you want, when you want. You can stay on campsites if you wish or you can ‘wild camp’ almost anywhere. A  normal car driving licence is all that is required (except for a few of the largest vehicles) and [...]

Researching Motorhome Hire

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a UK great domestic holiday. For some there’s nothing more idyllic than two weeks in a hotel, with waiters on hand for their every need. Others like to take to the road, get out and about and explore. For those who are looking for a little independence [...]

Pet Friendly Campervan and Motorhome Hire

Pet friendly campervan hire is now available! For most people, the pet in question is a dog, we don’t get many people who insist on taking their hamster or rabbit with them. The family dog is a beloved member of the household and is greatly missed when the family goes on holiday. Lots of people [...]